Google Plus Vs Facebook

Google recently launched Google+ a new and fresh social networking site with lots of new features that aims to make sharing on the web more like sharing in real life.
Like all the other Google lovers I was also very excited when I heard that Google had launched its own social network, Google Plus. I tried hard and somehow managed to get an invitation. This was very exciting for me as I was looking forward to it as an alternative for Facebook.
What People Says?
Industry says its an answer of Google to Facebook. However, it is really unfair to say this at this point, its just a launch but one thing for sure that FB has got a big competitor now. With the launch of Google+ project, Facebook also have declared their video chat option powered by Skype.

Google plus features –
That being said, your Google contacts are not necessarily your friends… and, you need to have a Google account to fully utilize the +1 feature. As a result, Google +1 acts as a collective rating system helping results be more trustworthy, but not adding the social infrastructure.

1)Big Font Social Networking
Circles – You can now do grouping of the peoples based on your choice like friends, family, colleges etc.
2)Hangouts – With this feature, you can do group video chats. Truly a great feature.
Instant Image Uploads – your picks and videos upload themselves automatically from your mobile phone to your private album on Google+.
3)Huddles – Huddle turns all those different conversations into one simple group chat, so everyone gets on the same page all at once.
+1 button
4)Gmail connection – You can directly open G+ through your Gmail account with the notifications from your G+ circles.
5)Faster Interface – Google+ is much more faster than Facebook. Try it.

Facebook features –
The Facebook Like is different in practice on several levels. Any website that is liked on a Bing search result is propagated into Facebook and vice versa. This means that something liked in Facebook will be shown on Bing despite any user interaction with the search platform.

1) Small Font Social Networking
2) Wall Posts
3) Like button
4) Image and Video Uploads with Tagging
5) Video Calling Feature – New feature
6) Facebook Pages


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