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What is a flash?
A Flash file is simply a set of instructions that will be executed by the Flash Player. Each file contains a header followed by the instructions that control how an animation is created. These days flash is even being used in the progression of Wealthy Internet Programs (RIA). To be short and simple flash selection helps in developing energetic movies and design to grow the features and great thing about the website.

Xiconet a leading Flash Animation Design Company being a diverse offshore web development, Xiconet offers complete web designing and development services helping all small and medium sized companies to get a recognizable online identity. We count our capability of creating valuable and meaningful solutions on our long standing understanding and knowledge of industry needs. One of our specialized areas of working is Flash development.

we offer Flash development a complete software package that allows designers to enjoy full freedom to express their vision by using different kinds of graphics and other interactive features. A wise and optimum utilization of Flash technology can turn out a website into a more interactive and user-friendly website.

Our Flash designers would produce : -
1) Creating professional corporate flash presentations.
2) Features that involve visitors to customize designs especially in context to an online apparel website in few clicks.
3) Creating flash multimedia presentations.
4) Creating slide presentations in flash.
5) Making online Flash-based Interactive presentations.
6) Online Advertising.

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