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SDLC or Software Development Life Cycle deals with online programs or computer software. Different types of designs were created to cater to the need of individual programmers with different set of skills, demands or business environment. As the name suggests, it is only limited to creating software.However, our world is not all about software. Everyday, we use the internet and visit different websites to learn, to shop, to do business or even have fun.

At Xiconet we strongly follow the SDLC rule in Web Development. Since there are so many websites out there that also works as tools becoming online software, it is no wonder why SDLC is also applicable in Web Development.


In this stage answers the question of "what" and "why". In regular SDLC, market researchers will know what the community needs and will present the information to developers.During our initial meeting called the Discovery Meeting.

Initial Design

Once the concept has been approved, it is time for web designers and developers to work together create a design. This is where the first seeds of website will be created.Constant revision should be expected since developers are still brainstorming.

Design Approval

Of course, we need to have the approval of the managers or even the company owner to move on. But this is also an initial design except that the design should be more or less the same for the developers to work on. Only additional features or "work around" will be done in the website.

Web Development

This time, developers will work on the actual function of the website. Although it is already an eye-candy for the owner and different users, it is essentially a shell with limited features. Constant development, review of function and constant revision are also expected in this stage.


Hopefully, by this time web developers and designers will now come up with a fair representation of the website. Usually if a website will be used for public use, it will be placed in closed alpha or beta to control the number of users. This stage is aimed to gauge the interest of those chosen to test the website.


Although a public beta is already an open invitation to everyone, it is still buggy and revisions has to be done. But when everything has been cleared out, it is now time to formally launch the website, telling the world about a great new website that has been developed for productive use. If the developing company or the funding source is popular enough, it could even be placed under serious scrutiny by different tech bloggers.

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