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WordPress is one of the most popular open-source for a blog, posting and cms, with a deep tool and theme structure that allows for unlimited opportunities.

A great tool for Blogging

Itís simple to make great content with WordPress. Posting images is simple, as is using solutions like Reddit or Photobucket. You can upload video clips from YouTube. And we know how aggravating it is to reduce time of work, so when you are composing we consistently preserve your publish, just in situation.Create articles easily online or off-line. Creator allows to writer rich articles such as effortless incorporation of pics and vids on WordPress. With Creator, you can review everything youíre adding to your website, to see how the print styles, space, colors, and pictures will look, before you post.

1) Easy to install with wordpress open source open tool.
2) Images - including uploading images from your own computer.
3) Links, so that by modifying a link once, it automatically changes on every page it appears.
4) Blocks - if you want to move a block, have it only showing on some pages, etc. you can.
5) Text in footers, titles, copyright notices, etc.
6) Custom menu and seo based format.Easy to crawl on google search engine.

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