Logo Designing Services

What a logo does?
Logo design is an integral part of the corporate identity of a society. Our goal is always to create a unique logo that represents your corporate identity and goals. A company logo successfully, instant credibility and permanent recognition. Our logo and corporate identity designers are masters at that!

Logo designer at Xiconet is planning an exciting new logo and corporate identity of your company that will remind all customers, and paint it as a reliable successful company that may one day decide to do business with you. Getting a great logo design doesn't have to be an expensive or tedious process. By using our services, you create your own business logo design online.

Our Logo designers would produce : -

1) 100% versatile our logo designs are ready for web and print applications.
2) 100% client oriented - unlimited logo designs revisions.
3) Our logo designs are distinct and memorable.
4) See your logo design in days, not weeks.
5) Money back guarantee.
6) Full legal ownership of your new logo design.
7) Multiple logo design files to include: EPS, JPG, AI, PNG and PDF.
8) FREE business incorporation discount from our partners.

Brochure Designing Services

What a Brochure does?
Brochure is a highly effective traditional promotion that can give a large fillip to a plan if it can be applied effectively with a expert graphic designer.Catalogues are one of the best resources that help you in broadening your online business. The guide is one of the best ways to existing your company.

Xiconet Technology focuses on the style of product & solutions promotion( catalogues, Brochure, Flyers) for companies of all styles. Understanding fully how the selling process works, how to persuade customers, and offerring the particulars of products is what we do while creating your guide style. Whether you need a business promotion solutions, collection or other ads we have the style and promotion experience to produce

Our Brochure designers experts can produce : -

1) Based on simple creative and dynamic pattern on the modern era.
2) Highlights the basic as well as important points of a products.
3) Create by using simple text and sutable images, color.
4) 100% client oriented - unlimited Brochure designs revisions.
5) Affordable price in this cometitive business.

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