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In the initial days, website designs were created keeping in mind the reading habit of the visitors. The contents were information based with the view to provide knowledge and thereby invite visitors. In the late 90's and the beginning days of the new millennium a drastic transformation took place. The Web emerged as a platform of active participation. It has become crucial for the web page developers to know more at duration about the 2.0 web page styles. Understanding of certain fundamentals are compulsory for web page developers to develop sites in complying with the new pattern.

Tableless Div Based Pages

Tableless development is a website designing structure managing method that is controlled without the HTML tables! In the era of Web 2.0, where google desire W3C appropriate sites and customers desire fast running sites, the value of tableless div based web pages have grown drastically. And that is why, these days sites having good styles and traditional development fall short to pick up the attention of google and customers.

Why you need Div Based Css Layout

Tableless development, being the new idea of W3C creates the web available everywhere and better! Also, it limits the HTML terminology only for semantic uses not presentational uses.

Complicated, hectic and unnecessary code is replaced by manageable, simple-to-use XHTML and CSS languages! Tableless Div based layouts are:

1) Search Engine Friendly
The first step towards effective search engine optimization is designing your pages to be search-engine friendly. The div centered and CSS noticeable up websites have better possibilities for optimization.

2) Faster Loading
Use of CSS coding instead of HTML makes the webpage pretty faster to load and easy to surf.Google, the top target for search engine optimization, has announced that it will penalize websites which load slowly which directly effect to your online business.

3) Easily Accessible
CSS layout pages are easily accessible in all kinds of Internet browsers and devices.

4) Technically Simple and Stronger
The new techniques make your website updation/construction easier and less time consuming!.It is easy for you and also for the developer to update when necessary.

4) Content Separation
Unlike HTML tables, the content in div based layouts is completely separated.

Xiconet Technology as a web2.0 design company

Xiconet Technology (India) is a professional web design company. We offers web2.0 based website design who can help you achive a good position in the search engine and promote your business at the top.

Why to count Xiconet As a Web2.0 Design Company

1. 100% W3C We create tableless CSS marked pages that are fully W3C compatible and stand upto newer challenges of Web 2.0.
2. Neat Coding Manual coding (CSS) makes webpage building pretty faster and hectic free. No use of unnecessary codes subsequently making the webpage lighter and easy-to-index.
3. Cost-effective Get the highest quality work and service at the rates that fit to your budget. We use all the latest tools, techniques to create tableless designed pages, maintaining the fair charges for you.
4. 24 X 7 Available 24x7 development operations to suit the client's needs.

For your all your webpage solutions, there is only one name "Xiconet". Get the most advanced websites exclusively at our place.

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