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Now a days almost all web design company in the globe engaged in the field of website development with the best technology. Web business get success in the era if it creates in a right direction good quality of design and development makes a website capable to give you business in todays competitive world.

Project Flow

System Analysis
The mechanisim to inhance the problems regrding any system by investigating its essential information to improve the problem skills is known as system analysis. Xiconet Technology have a talented team of System Analysts who documented the project so that the designing team can easily works on the client needs.

Requirement Analysis
Requirements analysis, also known as requirements engineering, is the process of getting user expectations for a new or modified needs of a software system according to their requirment. Requirements are often called functional specifications. Requirements analysis is an important aspect of project management.

System Designing
According to the software engineer "Systems design is the process of defining the architecture, components, modules, interfaces, and data for a defined system to fulfil the user's requirments". Xiconet Technology have a dedicated group of system developers who works on PHP platform, ASP .NET platform. We also have DBA(database Administrative) who dsign the Normalized form of database by which website can run fast.

System Testing
System testing of software or hardware is testing conducted on a complete, integrated system to evaluate the system's compliance with its specified requirements. System testing falls within the scope of black box testing, and as such, should require no knowledge of the inner design of the code or logic.We have a dedicated team of software testing who test the website and makes it error free.
1. Validate that the project works as designed.
2. Validate that the requirements are implemented or not.

After completion of the project and Testing the whole software under each case and user satisfation. Software is installed on the userīs site as per the instruction mentioned by the client at the beginning of the project development.

Project Maintenance
The project maintenance phase involves changes to the project in order to correct defects and deficiencies found during field usage as well as the addition of new functionality to improve the project's usability and applicability. Xiconet Technology assure that we maintain your website as you need it. We are here to help you in any manner to improve your website visibility to reach to the audince to the globe.

Xiconet Technology as a web development company

Xiconet Technology (India) is a professional web development company. We offers web based application development and software development services from our offshore development center in India. Our products and custom development solutions are designed to fit our clients business requirements, to help them achieve their organizational goals and objectives.

We are offshore web development outsourcing company in india where you can find reliable, professional, affordable website development services from highly qualified PHP web developers. We develop advanced web applications that can handle mass amounts of data and transactions. It doesn't matter how small or big your company is we have solutions for any size of budget.

Our Strength As a Web Development Company

1. Large pool of professional web developers having years of experience.
2. Process Oriented Approach and Quality Documentation delivered on time.
3. Bi-weekly status reports based on projects under development.
4. 24x7 development operations to suit the client's needs.
5. Bug tracking and feature request system through client's net setup.
6. Strong communication on Email / Messenger (MSN Yahoo Skype) and Phone.

At Xiconet we leave no stone unturned, are continuously striving hard to adapt to latest technologies and enhancements in the IT industry to bring to you the best solutions.

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