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Web pages with the .asp file extension use ASP, although some Web sites disguise their choice of scripting language for security purposes (e.g. still using the more common .htm or .html extension). Pages with the .aspx extension use compiled ASP.NET (based on Microsoft's .NET Framework), which makes them faster and more robust than server-side scripting in ASP, which is interpreted at run-time; however, ASP.NET pages may still include some ASP scripting. The introduction of ASP.NET led to use of the term Classic ASP for the original technology.

ASP 2.0 offered six built-in objects: Application, ASP Error, Ask for, Reaction, Hosting server, and Time. Time, for example, symbolizes a cookie-based procedure that preserves the state of factors from web page to web page. The Dynamic Scripting engine's support of the Element Item Style (COM) allows ASP Sites to access performance in collected your local library such as DLLs.

Advantage of Asp Development

1) Integrated information caching module.
2) Performance.
3) Assistance for Tools.
4) Convenience of Use.
5) Flexibility

Xiconet Technology as a Asp Developemnt

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