SEO Strategy: Content Quality or Content Quantity?

In the ever changing world of search engine optimization, many website owners and SEO professionals a like struggle with the question of how best to use content. Is it better to produce a smaller amount of high quality content, or to go with a large amount of weaker quality content? This article looks at that very question and examines how both methods will not only affect search optimization, but also sales and revenue.

Search engine optimization is a field in which success is a constant battle because Google – generally the key focus for SEO – is an ever-moving target. The simple fact is that Google has different views than most SEO companies on what should cause the cream to rise to the top of the rankings. This means website owners and SEO professionals are constantly looking for new and creative ways to stay ahead of the curve- and at the top of the search results.

One age old question that often gets no definitive answer is whether it’s better to try to focus on site SEO efforts on a small number of keywords, aiming for quality, or on a large number of keywords, seeking quantity. This often boils down to the issue of putting up a smaller amount of very high quality content or a large amount of lower quality content.
So which is better? Which method is more likely to lead to success and, specifically, to more sales and more revenue?.

The sheer amount of websites that go for quantity might lead you to believe that it’s the way to go but it isn’t. The idea behind the quantity strategy is that having a lot of content, and getting as many pages as possible up, indexed, and ranked, is the path to success. While it’s true that this strategy can work for traffic generation, in the end game where revenue is what matters, it has serious flaws.

The key mistake that many SEO professionals and website owners make is to view search engine optimization as the end rather than the means. The make optimization the goal, rather than focusing on optimization as a tool to drive revenue. Consequently everything that happens after the website gets returned on a search results page and selected by a user goes essentially ignored.

Remember that just because your website has ranked first in the search results, and just because a user has clicked on the link to visit it, doesn’t automatically mean that once on your site that user will take the action your wish them to; whether that be viewing multiple pages, clicking an ad, filling out a contact form, or making a purchase. That same content that you use to get indexed in Google and earn that top spot in the search results also has to be able to move the end user to take whatever action you intend them to.
This is why the quality-based strategy is king. When you consider the fact that at the end of the line, the content on your website is intended for human beings rather than just bots and algorithms, the importance of quality over quantity is clear. A large amount of low quality of content might give your site plenty of opportunity to show up for a great number of keywords, but once the user gets to your site, it won’t be store enough to keep them there and do the real heavy lifting of driving that user to action.
On the other hand, high quality content has all the same search engine optimization benefits but also has the power to build trust, establish authority status, and move readers into and through a sales funnel. So while your website might not rank for as many keywords as it would with weaker, mass-produced content, the keywords it does rank for will be the start of a much stronger process, leading to more page views, clicks, sign-ups, or sales.
The key is to remember that the phrase content is king really is true, and that while the content plays a huge role in a website’s search engine optimization, its main purpose is to serve the end reader. By keeping that in mind, and treating content as an important investment towards a website’s long-term success, website owner and SEO professionals alike can be sure that their efforts will be rewarded well past that initial search engine click, and with the end readers happy, the revenue will follow.

Six reason people leave a website

It does not matter how much money you spend on marketing and search engine optimization if you cannot keep viewers on your website. Fortunately there are six easy to identify reason viewers leave a website. Discover these reason and quick fixes that can help you retain viewers and improve your repeat visitation.

Successful web writing is not just about getting a lot of views- it is about attracting repeat viewers and keeping your bounce rate low.  Your advertising, social media marketing and search engine optimization go to waste if you cannot keep readers on your website. Luckily the main reason people from your website are easy to identify and, with a little work, fairly easy to correct.

First and foremost, if your page takes a too long to load, you will lose potential viewers before your content even has to speak for itself. Everyone is pressed for time and most people will not spend more than a few seconds waiting for a page to load. There are many different ways to reduce your website’s load time, but the easiest way is by simplifying and streamlining your page’s design. Most of the load time comes from loading the page’s HTTP request. Each individual element of the page sends its own request. By reducing the number of HTTP request you can dramatically decrease load times .For example if you have several images next to each other, consider using an image map that combines multiple images into one, larger image. While the overall file size may be the same, using one image instead of several reduces the number of HTTP request.
You can also decrease load times by   paying close attention to your scripts. Whenever possible, moves scripts to the bottom of the page. Scripts block simultaneous downloads so, if you have a script at top of the page, running it will temporarily prevent images, flash and other elements from downloading. Moving these scripts to the bottom causes those to run after earlier files have already downloaded .You can reduce script run times through minimization, the process of removing unnecessary characters in the code, including white spaces. Other strategies for reducing load times exist, but you may be able to reduce your load time sufficiently with these easy fixes.

The second reason people leave your website is when you have poor navigation. If they cannot figure out where to find the information they want, they will leave. Group your navigation elements in an intuitive, central location Also try to avoid long link lists on your pages on in your articles. These links look bad and are distracting. Instead use in-text links and leave the top and sides of your site free for your own navigation menus and buttons.

The third main reason people leave your website is poor content. Poor content contents come on several forms. It does not matter how incredible your content is, if t is filled with grammar punctuation or spelling mistakes. If your content has blatant grammatical errors it is difficult to read and viewers have no reason to trust you anything you write. Poor content can also be content that is full of fluff and lack real substance additionally keywords stuffing may trick someone into clicking on your page because it appears relevant. , but as soon as people realize there is no real substance, they will leave lastly. You have to provide engaging content Most people searching online for a specific terms or phrase want a specific answer  to a question. You have to make it clear that your content completely answer this question, and that the reader will not be bored to tears while discovering it. Your content must have style, substance and personality to hold your readers attention.

Publish content for better traffic

Writing and submitting content is said to be one of the best tips on how to get more guests in your web page. This is one of the biggest methods by which you can back links to your website. Professionals believe that content distribution as an SEO Services strategy is much better than trading hyperlinks and the use of trading hyperlinks websites. Content writing presented in internet directories which take content of various groups – thus no matter what business you have, you are absolutely going to benefit from content distribution.

This is one of the biggest methods by which you can get one way website link for your website. Everyone knows that google love hyperlinks and more syndication mean more hyperlinks for your web page – that means good ratings for your web page.

It is through these content presented in various content distribution websites, that you are able to make attention and attention in the items of your web page. If the content is exciting, effective and eye-catching it will be effective in gaining new and exclusive guests to your web page. These content are the only way by which you can mention the benefits of your items describe how your items are different and let others know what you have on provide for them.

If you wish to improve the ratings of your web page easily, content distribution is no uncertainty the fastest way to do so. You just need to have an eye-catching content and get it presented in the several content distribution websites. This can be done in just a few hours. Thus, it will save a lot of your time which you might otherwise spend in getting back-links for your web page. Listing distribution as well as website link trading includes a longer process.

There are several content distribution websites which allow guests to join to their particular groups which is associated with their web design company website such as RSS for. Any guest who subscribes to these RSS for gets an immediate notify whenever an content is presented. This guarantees that your guests are advised whenever you have something new to provide them. This is also a very useful strategy of getting guests in your web page.

1. Free advertising:
Your writer bio box is your device to advertise your own web page and individual manufacturer that can be used to obtain limitless guests to your web page. Remember, the individuals who study your content will want to study more about the same subject that you have released about, so be sure to deliver them to more of your extra content.

2. Popular marketing:
RSS can be a precious metal my own. RSS for are so popular these days that you can obtain an awesome amount of visitors by basically publishing just one content to a listing. You publish one content to a listing and that same content can start showing on plenty of other sites. This technological innovation is known as RSS (Really Simple Syndication). The power of RSS is basically awesome. There are many big sites that can publish your content on their sites, leading to a deluge of web page guests.

3. Increase your individual and business credibility:
Publishing your content on article submission website  increases your reliability and starts the believe in pattern with your audience. For many authors, being detailed in Articles is a great way to get started, especially if you are expecting to be a released writer.

4. Carry visitors to your site:
The disseminating of your content results in enabling anyone to study it. This alone gives you an chance to choose up business that you can’t even start to market for. Think about if your content about technological innovation was released on a business web page or business content listing. Now the prospective for business individuals to be affected by your composing capability and buy your product for their company to use is limitless.

5. Produce sales and brings without having a site:
Even if you do not own a web page, having an content online can act as your web page. Just create sure your content is well crafted and does not audio too professional. Your content can be an example of your enterprise enterprise and can involve information like your email to allow prospects to arrive at you. Again, create sure you have accomplished your bio to let individuals know who you are.

6. Large experience an incredible number of visitors:
Your content can be considered by the an incredible number of guests who visit websites monthly. Once you get one audience, you can change him into a fan by publishing extra content on website.

7. Achieve the unreachable
Submit content and arrive at those clients who you can’t arrive at before. The more quality content you have, the more likely those visitors are to come to your web page.

8. Get steady visitors to your web page for years
We never eliminate content that have been presented to Articles website, which indicates that your content can continue to create visitors to your website for decades to come. Your content may get grabbed and released decades later, as the possibilities are limitless.

9. Be a part of one of the quickest increasing sites on the web
Articles increased tenfold just last year! That indicates more visitors for you and more possibilities for visibility.

10. Become part of a great community
Your viewers can easily arrive at you, without you providing up your comfort. We will soon start moving out many new group features that will create it even easier for you to socialize with your visitors and other authors.

11. The best content research on the web
website design company xiconet technology has the most comprehensive research you can find on the web. Use your research to better targeted your viewers, for example by seeing what keywords introduced individuals to your content.

Benefits of Social Media for Business

Social networking is more than just a device for looking at images of your associates and remembering about times previous. It’s become a device with considerable and expected power that truly has a place with almost any type of economic enterprise. Many  web design company involved in the social networking websites application.There are many advantages to using social press for business, but here are my top options.

Branding: This is one of the most apparent advantages for most companies using public networking. Whether customers immediately interact with with your manufacturer or not, they will still see your manufacturer name within the systems they use. The more thoughts a customer gets of your enterprise enterprise, the more likely they will keep in mind your name at some point. Whether you are a shoes store or a non-profit looking to obtain acknowledgement for your cause, manufacturer knowledge is important for your ongoing achievements.

Popularity Management: Dealing with your online reputation is important within social networking because your manufacturer or industry is being discussed regardless of whether you take aspect in the discussion. It’s valuable to know what your clients think about your items, cause, solutions etc, and with this feedback in thoughts you can respond accordingly. Since public networking is start to everyone, anyone has the capability to say what they want about your manufacturer. Therefore, creating sure what is being said is genuine, not essentially optimistic, is key to creating the believe in of your viewers and impacting them in a strong reputation. Nourish back from Social Press can also notify your choice about how you cope with your clients or industry your business.

Client Assistance and Feedback: Offering support to your clients is important to the success of any business and social networking is no exemption to the concept. When a individual grows to out to you, whether their feedback is good or bad it is very important to reply in a regular and beneficial style. Social press provides the foundation for clients to socialize on a individual to individual stage, so that they are not speaking with a anonymous consultant over the phone or via email. Answer whenever a person grows to out, just not to clients working profane, inaccurate or hateful. Offering this stage and services information, which can be something as simple as saying thanks to someone for referring to your brand, is completely clear to your entire system, displaying how devoted you are to your viewers.

Cause Generation: Social networking can help act as a indicates of discovering clients for your business, supporters for your cause or as a method for make many other valuable relationships. Like we’ve mentioned, interactions are developing regularly within each social press and it’s just a issue of you tracking these interactions and seeing the advantage. These brings can be anything from an concept for an article to an online purchase. For example, just by looking through Tweets you get a feel for the excitement in your market and who has saying what and possibly socialize with fascinated upcoming clients.

Academic Asset: In any market its important to stay modern in your area and find the best ways to continue the interactions about what you do. Since you are here with us these days studying about public networking, it’s apparent you are one of the  people looking to stand above the bend on a new way of press. Social press provides your manufacturer with a free resource of continuous information from other manufacturers, press shops, associates, colleagues and even your rivalry.

Aggressive Analysis: In any market it’s important to keep speed with your rivals. Social networking merely makes this process simpler by enabling for finish visibility of the articles and interactions your rivals are having on their various social records. Social networking can help keep you on monitor with other non-profits, companies, guides or whoever your considering monitoring or on the other side of the barrier looking to associate with at some point for a marketing, marketing or some other type of relationship.

Google voice next killer application

Google releases so many products – most of them free – that it’s easy to overlook one that’s really special. Google Voice qualifies. Thanks to its features and competitive potential, Google’s relatively new service has been quietly sending tremors throughout the telephony industry. And Google Voice – a service that’s like a supercharged telephone number that you can use from your cell phone, smartphone, or from Gmail – is gaining traction, offering features that are either unavailable with other phone numbers or available only at a fee. There is, though, a bit of bad news – at least for some. Currently, Google Voice is only available in the US. However, the internet is full of workarounds for international users who sign up for the service via virtual private networks (VPN). And once a number is procured, the service can be used freely. Moreover, Google plans to roll out Voice internationally. The only question is when. But whether you get Google Voice now or in the near future, it’s likely to make you rethink your current phone setup – or, at the least, to provide you with some attractive, free options for enhancing how you use your existing lines. So what can the telephony product do for you?

Aggregate phone numbers : Anyone who juggles multiple phone lines and hates missing calls will love Google Voice. Once you have a Google Voice phone number, you can set it up so that any calls you receive on the service will automatically ring all of your other telephones, acting as a real-time call-forwarding system. If there’s a telephone nearby, you’ll get the call.

Intelligent voicemail : Google Voice takes voice mail to a new level, thanks to a number of features that will be a boon to those frequently playing voicemail phone-tag. One feature allows you to set up personalised greetings for particular callers or particular types of callers. So, for instance, you might want to set up a fairly formal greeting for business associates, while friends and family would hear a whimsical voicemail message, complete with music and sound effects. Even more useful, however, is Google Voice’s ability to transcribe voicemail messages into text. With this enabled, you could automatically receive an emailtranscription of a voicemail message while you’re in a meeting. You’ll also have an instant record of all voicemail messages received – thanks to Google Voice’s integration with Gmail – and you can easily forward avoicemail message by email as well. The transcription capability in Google Voice is a transformative feature that might make you say goodbye to listening to voicemail messages the usual way, and it works surprisingly well. Like google search it must popular among the user and also give a new era to the web design company to build a new application for the entire world.

Call screening : For anyone who hates the peremptory nature of carry-everywhere cell phones and smartphones, Google’s call-screening feature will be welcome. With it, you can preview who is calling and then determine whether to answer the phone or send the person directly to voicemail. The choice is one-touch simple. Voice also makes it easier than traditional phone services to block particular callers. Can’t seem to shake pesky calls from a business or acquaintance? Just select the record of the calls in Gmail, and follow the instructions for blocking unwanted calls.

Using Google Voice : Once you’ve set up a Google Voice number, there are multiple ways that you can use it. Firstly, it is available as an internet-based application, through your Gmail or iGoogle account, with a simple and clear interface. In this sense it’s very much a competitor of Skype, which up to now had pretty much locked up the internet telephony market. kype still has the edge over Google Voice in some ways. In particular, there’s no video conferencing feature in Google, whereas in Skype, one-on-one video calls are easy and fun.

Google Voice’s conferencing feature : which requires adding additional callers to your current call as the calls come – is arguably less friendly than Skype’s as well. But Google Voice’s crowning achievement is that it can be used from most smartphones – removing you from the need to be at your computer to make or receive calls and potentially cutting down drastically on your cell phone bill. BlackBerry, Android, and Nokia users can point their phone’s browser to to get the right version of Google Voice installed on their phone. iPhone users need to get Google Voice from iTunes. Once installed on your smartphone, though, most of what makes Google Voice worth having is available at your fingertips, no matter where you are. That’s why, once fully rolled out, Google Voice may just be the next must-have app for the masses.

Professional Web Designer

Professional web designers are found in many web design companies with the goal of creating websites that meet client specifications. Satisfying client needs and wants is the main objective of all web design teams. A web design may include a project manager, staff designer, senior designer, art director, and/or creative director. Some of these titles and responsibilities are interchangeable and dependent upon project specifications. Each person is responsible for different roles within any given web-based or print design project. A web design team has to be aware of client demands and project budget outcomes. Many clients want professional web or print design at inexpensive rates. It’s up to the team to determine the project life cycle, independent roles and how the team will function to meet project objectives.
Project responsibilities and roles are different between jobs. Some jobs may only take five days or less. Moreover, large projects may take several months to complete. There are many decisions a web design team must make to complete the common objective and out-comes the client is looking for. It is the team’s responsibility to meet these goals and objectives in a timely manner through communication.
A web design team must communicate design concepts and client specifications. Effective communication will be the end result of the final project. Good communication with the client and the team will results in overall quality outcomes. Furthermore, poor communication will have team members frustrated and a client that does not want to pay for poor print or web design. Web design teams must establish roles to be effective.
Team functions
The main reason why this small group functions so well is meeting with a common purpose and sense of belonging. Web design teams have one purpose and that is to meet client expectations. Web design teams are successful because of the small group dynamics and meeting small sizable goals to compete the overall objective. A team, “is a coordinated group of individuals organized to work together to achieve a specific, common goal.” (Beebe, S., & Masterson, 2009, p. 6) A web design team has clear goals and objectives that are well defined. Meeting client deadlines and creating quality work, motivates web design teams to do their best work using their knowledge and skill set to complete print and web-based design. Moreover, communication in this team setting is by far the most important aspect to complete projects. A web design team has to be aware of client demands and project outcomes. Thus, team leadership, duties, tasks, roles, and communication must be developed within a web design company.