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Content Quality Or Quantity?

October 6, 2012    Written by : admin

In the ever changing world of search engine optimization, many website owners and SEO professionals a like struggle with the question of how best to use content. Is it better to produce a smaller amount of high quality content, or to go with a large amount of weaker quality content? This article looks at that very question and examines how both methods will not only affect search optimization, but also sales and revenue.

Search engine optimization is a field in which success is a constant battle because Google – generally the key focus for SEO – is an ever-moving target. The simple fact is that Google has different views than most SEO companies on what should cause the cream to rise to the top of the rankings. This means website owners and SEO professionals are constantly looking for new and creative ways to stay ahead of the curve- and at the top of the search results.

One age old question that often gets no definitive answer is whether it’s better to try to focus on site SEO efforts on a small number of keywords, aiming for quality, or on a large number of keywords, seeking quantity. This often boils down to the issue of putting up a smaller amount of very high quality content or a large amount of lower quality content.
So which is better? Which method is more likely to lead to success and, specifically, to more sales and more revenue?.

The sheer amount of websites that go for quantity might lead you to believe that it’s the way to go but it isn’t. The idea behind the quantity strategy is that having a lot of content, and getting as many pages as possible up, indexed, and ranked, is the path to success. While it’s true that this strategy can work for traffic generation, in the end game where revenue is what matters, it has serious flaws.

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