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How To Create Personal Website?

October 6, 2012    Written by : Admin

Creating a personal website is quite simple. But simple things are not necessarily easy. So before attempting to create your website it is very important to develop a positive mind set so that when you come up against the first obstacle, you are determined to overcome it by learning and implementing a few simple web skills.

Domain name and registration and hosting: - the first you have to purchase a domain name from a registrar. A domain name is the just the name of your website. The domain is now needs to be connect with the internet and for that you need a web hosting company.

Use a good, free and user friendly web editor - After   you have purchased your domain name and paid for hosting your website, you need to add content to your website in the form of text, images and videos and for that you need a web editor. There are many web editors on the internet and free to use you can download and it’s ready to use. Its user friendly so you can quickly pickup the basic web skills to use the web editor to create your own website. Now you need to upload this website on the server  so that it is published online.

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