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How RSS Feeds Help SEO

May 29, 2011    Written by : Soren Breiting

Adding RSS feeds to your website is much more than an interesting information sharing concept. It is a feature, if used properly, can give your SEO campaign a fair push. The trick is in identifying the right approach to integrating RSS feeds and then to know what RSS content works best for your website.

RSS in and of itself is just a tool.

Let us start with the basics by trying to understand the concept of RSS feeds. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication written in XML codes for content sharing. These feeds are in the form of a script that can be embedded on your website (or run through a RSS reader). The purpose is to get you a subscription of regularly updated content on your website through an outside source. It is like a news section on your website that updates by itself. For example, if you subscribe to the RSS feeds of a daily newspaper on your website and all the latest news are updated on your site real time. It helps you consolidate the information for your visitors at one place instead of roaming across the internet for different inputs.

If you understand SEO you will appreciate that search engine crawlers thrive on fresh content. They love the website where they find something new in every visit. There is no substitute for content refreshment but ironically this is where we tend to lack the most. Reason is the daily efforts needed. Well, RSS feeds let others do the job for you. If there are regular updated of RSS feeds on your homepage (or even internal pages) the content refreshment bit is taken care of by default. The only catch is that you have to make sure that these feeds are displayed in HTML and not Javascript as search engines don't recognize its content as plain text.

It works even better when the content being infused through RSS feeds contains your keywords. It's much easier said than done, but you can accomplish it by smartly choosing your RSS feeds source. If the source is relevant to your work then there are chances to find keywords now and then.

It's a little bit to hit and trial you need to try a couple of sources and see which works best. But eventually when you find the best option you will see your SEO get a substantial uplift while your visitors enjoy the information updates on your website.

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